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The Name of the Wind- A Brief Review

So I’m considering reading the second installment of the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, which is The Wise Man’s Fear, but I decided perhaps I should give a review of the book before going on to the next one and reviewing that one as well.

So here’s the brief synopsis: The book begins in the present in which Kvothe is trying to hide for some reason unknown to the reader. The Chronicler, being the busybody that he is, is passing through and on the way to his destination realizes that the barkeeper is actually Kvothe who he insinuates has a horrible past he would love to document! Kvothe is reluctant but agrees if the Chronicler agrees not to reveal who he is.

Dude's wearing this shirt, why wouldn't you give his book a chance?

Basically beginning at the beginning Kvothe’s parents are apart of a troupe, which is where Kvothe’s musical talents flourish. His father is trying to compose a song about the mysterious Chandrian who are a mysterious force that causes fire to turn blue. Unfortunately this leads to disaster and Kvothe’s adventure begins here wherein he leaves and becomes a thief, a student and tries to find out more information about the Chandrian.

The title comes from the teacher who taught him during his time at the troupe, Alberth, who uses naming as a way of magic. He used the name of the wind to scare away a bunch of kids earlier in the book and since then Kvothe has been obsessed with knowing the name.

It’s a great book. There were some parts where it bored me (the music aspect I didn’t really have an interest in) but that’s nothing but subjective. I also hate Denna by the way-I dislike romance most of the time in novels unless it’s epic like King Arthur/Genevieve or Buffy/Spike, otherwise I’m not a big  fan of the almost forced input of romance into novels. I don’t believe any of my misgivings are the fault of the book’s storytelling ability, however so I really am interested in the follow up the Wise Man’s Fear.

It’s a nicely written book, it reminded me somewhat of Le Guin’s Earthsea, because of the way it’s structured. I think if you like the whole “journey of a wizard” genre you’ll like The Name of the Wind a lot and maybe you’ll have enough interest to read the next book as well!



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