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It’s really come to my attention how far behind I am. I love comic books and television but my past major didn’t really give me the time to delve much into them. So now that I’m interested in creating a career out of my interests I have to get back on the saddle and read and keep up to date. BUT THERE’S SO MUCH TO LEARN AND DO.

Really great series, one of the only Superman series I like

I think right now I’m going to concentrate on reading All Star Superman, X-Men: Generation Hope, and the Marvel + Crossgen comics coming out. I’ve read the entire Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 series and I was initially very pleased by it but coming to the end I was disappointed. The last issue, by far, was the best and I’m glad Whedon has decided to go back to his roots.

Speaking of Whedon he’s one of the reasons why I decided to do this. Him and Neil Gaiman do exactly what I want to do- they write for television, books and comic books. That’s a great life to get paid for writing.

But besides comics I’m watching Community, Modern Family, 30 Rock, United States of Tara and Archer.There are some  comedy shows on tv right now. I want to find some drama television I’ll be interested in, although I think UST fits that role. I’m going to write a review as soon as I finish watching it, but so far this is a secret gem I’m glad I found on television!

Getting rid of Britta, getting rid of the B-she's a no good B! She's a GDB!

And I love scifi/fantasy tv too but I haven’t found any on yet that I’m interested in. Haven I enjoy but I’m not attached to the characters. Fringe has currently gone down hill for me and those are the only two that showed much potential. I’m considering starting to watch Dr. Who (only because of Neil Gaiman’s involvement) but I’d have to begin from the beginning and I already have a lot of series I’m trying to keep up with.

There’s a lot to do. I’m not going to go for fellowships, etc right now. Not until later. Right now I’m taking writing classes because I really need to get better.  There’s a lot to do and very little time!!!


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Life changes and goals as well. I think of this as an outline to remind me to keep going or die. I believe that it’s correct assuming that this list will expand in the future or hopefully lessen once I start knocking them down. But here goes my current goals/heart’s desires:


  1. Write ten spec scripts-comedy, drama and scifi
  2. Finish my novel & Publish my novel
  3. Speak fluent Spanish
  4. Publish my comic book
  5. Network! Network! Network!
  6. Learn 6 delightful vegetarian meals to cook (black bean burger, already down and ready to go)
  7. Learn how to direct!!!
  8. Go to bloody Comic Con/Wondercon!
  9. Laugh for one hour straight
  10. Continue to meditate every day consistently

Currently that’s all I want in life. I don’t ask for much you know.

By the way, Netflix is a godsend. Twin Peaks is an amazing show and makes me worry about what it means to have a tv show if it was cancelled. Also, I’m trying to put together some coffee recipes. So far I’ve had hot coffee with 3 pieces of Hershey’s dissolved in the bottom and a little bit of cinnamon. Yummy. Yummy. When I’m at home and not by Starbucks I have to satisfy my needs somehow.

My next attempt is to make Mexican coffee and to figure out this coffee thing with egg (although I’ve been trying  to ween myself off the dairy.)


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I’ve recently decided to change my life for the best. Well not really. Considering my previous ambitions wanting to become a tv writer isn’t exactly the most stable and assured job I could go for, but if I end up destitute one of my siblings will take care of me (that is what they’re truly for you know).

Along with this newfound enthusiasm I decided to make a premature bucket list. This won’t be the end of it I’m sure but I’d like to give it a go anyway. I thought it would be appropriate to have a bucket list of things I wish I could do but can’t do due to US laws, the laws of physics, the laws of morality, rules in general that suck and make our lives boring.


  1. Learn to fly.
  2. Wrestle a giant octopus and beat it up like raccoons beat up domestic cats
  3. Live thrice and die once (and by die I mean be reborn-like that doesn’t happen anyway?)
  4. Stalk Conan O Brien
  5. Stalk Gina Torres and Zoe Saldana at the same time
  6. Go back in time and stop Firefly from going off the air
  7. Go back in time and become friends with Audrey Hepburn, then travel with her through space continuum like Time Lord/Q and solve mysteries
  8. Invent the automobile. That’s really it.
  9. Convince George Lucas not to make I, II and III prequels of Star Wars and also to make James Earl Jones the official face of Darth Vader.
  10. After the test run of fighting a giant octopus beat up the Kraken worse than Chuck Norris beat up that bear

That’s pretty much it. I’m sure I’ll think of some more things later of course.

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