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What I Hope For in Season 9 Buffy Comics List and Season 8 Reviews

(Some Season 8 Spoilers Ahead)

I reluctantly read Buffy Season 8. I have nothing against it coming in, but I really didn’t like Buffy Season 6 and 7 (mostly the very abusive and overly angsty relationship of Buffy/Spike). But I went with it anyway and I was pleasantly surprised. It had the same Buffyesque feel, the same witty banter and action and it lived up to my expectations immensely. The Xander/Dracula interaction was hilarious.

The Twilight arch however very much disappointed me.

There was too much going on- were they really battling Hindi gods at one point? And they fracked up poor Oz’s home life after he was luckily able to get away from the Buffy team and Willow’s lesbian cheating ways in the first place (well she didn’t technically cheat, but she did lead poor Oz on for a while and make both Oz and Tara feel horrible…don’t judge me, this is as close to a soap opera as I can get).

Some of the artwork is just amazing....

But there was TOO much flying sex during Buffy’s Twilight ascension, it was hilarious bc violent sex seems to be a thumbs up do it again and this time with more dynamite theme in Buffyverse. But after a certain point I was becoming confused about whether I was participating unknowingly in soft porn distribution. I like sex as much as the next guy-or girlie person-but umm against a mountain upside down in the air and in the stratosphere drifting towards the moon seems honestly just like it hurts.


But besides that, the last issue was a realization of the truth of Buffy-her humble, simplistic beginnings. Whedon kills off our dear Giles and we’re left once more in a world that isn’t very nice to our dear Buffy. She struggles to survive both the real world and slaying. She also has a we hate Buffy fan club on her tail, including Willow, after Buffy pretty much smashes magic to pieces.


I think Whedon has experimented enough now and is willing to get right back on the wagon and write Buffy the way we like her-struggling, quirky and above all human. He’s planned to write a lot of the first half of the comics and he also addresses the fact that he overdid the Twilight arch. I agree. The whole idea of Twilight is somewhat confusing and unbelievable.

And for godsake, was no one else hoping that there would be a Buffy and Spike shagathon? Bc I was practically bleeding from the nose hoping for it. Sigh. My Spike never gets the action he deserves. Stupid Buffy.

This is What I Hope for in Season 9 Buffy List:

  1. Spike and Buffy action of a type where he doesn’t get beat up or have to take vamp counseling for vampires abused by the Slayer
  2. Buffy kicking more ass
  3. NO Dawn/Xander, there’s some weird stepbrother dynamic that makes me cringe
  4. Buffy finding a career/interest in life outside of slaying
  5. Evil Willow again. It was hot, continue the evil!
  6. NO ANGEL. He’s so blaaaahhhh
  7. Xander finds a new eye that shoots laser beams like Cyclops but can only be activated once his other eye is closed.
  8. Giles’ resurrection. WTF Whedon, kill off Buffy too why don’t you!
  9. Dr Horrible makes a singing debut as the new villain-actually I want a really bad ass, horribly terrifying villain this time- like the First/Nathan Fillion’s Character with a mix of Soulless Angel evil
  10. Me as a possible writer for it, I have the knowledge to do it, Whedon!! Grant me a chance!

I’m excited about what may be coming. I also might read Dollhouse as well since I loved Alpha, but I’m not sure about that commitment yet. Whedon has been on a roll also hasn’t he? The new Avengers movie, the possible horror movie Cabin in the Woods along with his comic book writing? Dude’s phenomenal, mad respect.

I’m glad there will be less issues over the expanse of two years and that only Joss Whedon and Andrew Chambliss will be writing the issues exclusively. (Supposedly they will be more character specific! and no more musical chairs Buffy across the world.)

Still, despite the changes to come there’s still stuff I’m hoping to see but know may never come. Just curious, what would other people like to see happen in Season 9?

-Keep Reading. Keep Writing. ‘M out.


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Life changes and goals as well. I think of this as an outline to remind me to keep going or die. I believe that it’s correct assuming that this list will expand in the future or hopefully lessen once I start knocking them down. But here goes my current goals/heart’s desires:


  1. Write ten spec scripts-comedy, drama and scifi
  2. Finish my novel & Publish my novel
  3. Speak fluent Spanish
  4. Publish my comic book
  5. Network! Network! Network!
  6. Learn 6 delightful vegetarian meals to cook (black bean burger, already down and ready to go)
  7. Learn how to direct!!!
  8. Go to bloody Comic Con/Wondercon!
  9. Laugh for one hour straight
  10. Continue to meditate every day consistently

Currently that’s all I want in life. I don’t ask for much you know.

By the way, Netflix is a godsend. Twin Peaks is an amazing show and makes me worry about what it means to have a tv show if it was cancelled. Also, I’m trying to put together some coffee recipes. So far I’ve had hot coffee with 3 pieces of Hershey’s dissolved in the bottom and a little bit of cinnamon. Yummy. Yummy. When I’m at home and not by Starbucks I have to satisfy my needs somehow.

My next attempt is to make Mexican coffee and to figure out this coffee thing with egg (although I’ve been trying  to ween myself off the dairy.)


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I’ve recently decided to change my life for the best. Well not really. Considering my previous ambitions wanting to become a tv writer isn’t exactly the most stable and assured job I could go for, but if I end up destitute one of my siblings will take care of me (that is what they’re truly for you know).

Along with this newfound enthusiasm I decided to make a premature bucket list. This won’t be the end of it I’m sure but I’d like to give it a go anyway. I thought it would be appropriate to have a bucket list of things I wish I could do but can’t do due to US laws, the laws of physics, the laws of morality, rules in general that suck and make our lives boring.


  1. Learn to fly.
  2. Wrestle a giant octopus and beat it up like raccoons beat up domestic cats
  3. Live thrice and die once (and by die I mean be reborn-like that doesn’t happen anyway?)
  4. Stalk Conan O Brien
  5. Stalk Gina Torres and Zoe Saldana at the same time
  6. Go back in time and stop Firefly from going off the air
  7. Go back in time and become friends with Audrey Hepburn, then travel with her through space continuum like Time Lord/Q and solve mysteries
  8. Invent the automobile. That’s really it.
  9. Convince George Lucas not to make I, II and III prequels of Star Wars and also to make James Earl Jones the official face of Darth Vader.
  10. After the test run of fighting a giant octopus beat up the Kraken worse than Chuck Norris beat up that bear

That’s pretty much it. I’m sure I’ll think of some more things later of course.

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