THOR Review- Not your average mundane superhero movie…

I love action movies just as much as the next person and when you want action you’ll get it in a superhero movie.

I admit, however, that when I come to see a superhero movie I don’t really expect much as far as writing content. Xmen the first movie had some great dialogue in my opinion and of course the Batman movies (all except the ones with Val Kilmer and the Riddler) were all written well (or at least with entertainment points). But besides those exceptions I do not expect to see any heartwarming aspects. Iron Man was great but truthfully I do not believe that it was written with a story in mind, and by that I mean it was written to have the character make jokes and then make sure the following fighting scenes were admissable.

But Thor is a breath of fresh air.

Besides the hot bod that is Chris Hemsworth (yum) and the geeky cuteness portrayed by Natalie Portman (for all you dudes out there, I keep equality alive in my reviews of attraction) the overall story line

How is this possible???

is very cute and very engaging. The friends of Thor are somewhat typical and without character, but they fit their purpose enough and are overshadowed by the great (in my opinion) acting of Lok i(Tom Hiddleston) and Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

The simple premise of Thor is that the God of Thunder has been stripped of his powers and sent to earth as a human for his arrogance. I don’t want to give too much away but the development of Thor’s character is obvious, especially as he develops a relationship with Natalie Portman’s character and begins to grow, as you would presume, humble. I loved that the villain was not necessarily evil, just misguided, and the overall heartstrings pulled as you grew to love these characters.

So I recommend watching this movie! I give it 8 out of 10.


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  1. I had a real good time with this and I wasn’t expecting to but this really kept my interest. Mostly because the tone was so light and very simple. Can’t get any better than that. Good Review!

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