Coffee, Coffee, Writing, Writing

I love writing and all, but sometimes the home excites you with other things to do. And me being the multitasking child cursed by this century to need to use every technological device at my disposal, sometimes I get a little distracted.

That’s why I need coffee, coffee, coffee and writing.

A little space, a small little hovel with a minimal amount of people, a nice atmosphere and view, and the smell of lattes and cream. I need to find a little place for me to be. Hopefully close by, or only thirty minutes away so I can take all the time I’d like to write whatever I feel needs writing.

That’s what I need right now-coffee, coffee, writing, writing.


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Review of Torchwood- From Season 1 to Episode 1 of Season 3

A lot of tv right now is comedy and I DO adore comedy but my true love is science fiction and fantasy, I like a little bit of monster with my drama you know.

Torchwood I’ve heard about somewhat partially because of Dr. Who. I love the concept of Dr. Who but sometimes I am not at all pleased with the actual show. The current Dr. Who is  a brilliant actor, bringing a lot of energy and eccentricism that makes him charming, however the show’s stories themselves are significantly lacking. 

I was introduced to the current season because my favorite (or one of my favorite) authors of all time Neil Gaiman wrote The Doctor’s Wife. It was absolutely brilliant by the way and I really recommend watching it, it brings a new depth of character and feeling to both the TARDIS and the doctor.

But anyway, I decided to take up Torchwood and so far I’m really happily surprised. It was supposed to be fashioned like American television shows, specifically with the same character driven spirit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (one of my favorite shows of all times). I personally think it has reached this level of character, giving the characters emotions that are realistic while also having the monsters and aliens theme.

Captain Jack Harkness is a very charismatic man, the sort you can tell right off the bat can lead you to hell with a wink. I like that aspect of his character and the underworld of shady uncaring they try to invoke in him, although I wished they would have made him a little less obviously weepy. Personally I believe his character should have a little coldness about him because he’s been around for a very long f’ing time, I’d be damn cold too personally. That’s what I truly wanted: charismatic as all hell but with a sneering coldness and uncaring only chipped by intense moments where I think it would be very understandable for him to cry or become caring. They were almost there but I just didn’t believe the transition of his character…

Owen was one of my favorites as far as acting and personality was concerned. He’s a cynical doctor with a very soft side, which I thing Ghost Machine really did a good job of showing when he [SLIGHT SPOILER] horrifyingly experiences the feelings of a dead rape victim.[END OF THIS SLIGHT SPOILER]. He’s moody like one would expect, but although he’s a right wanker sometimes he’s also very compassionate despite his temper tantrums.

Tosh I didn’t like at all at first. She was too whiny and clingy.The  character episode Greeks Bearing Gifts just made me hate her more. It wasn’t until later that her character became cuter. She has a nice soul, but is very awkward around people and wants to be loved. The clinginess was still a factor but she became honorable for me at the end. I just wished there was a little more of her like that in the beginning.

Gwen is kind of what we expect. She is on a moral high ground and bashes everyone with her stick of morality. It’s annoying but in a good way because it’s pretty believable.  She has some very well played acting scenes of anger and crying that I think she pulled of beautifully although sometimes her strange expressions are a bit clay animation reminding me of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, although that could just be a British thing. Of all the characters I think she was the most fleshed out, which is as it should be since she happens to be the main character.

There are some problems I have. Mostly story. Buffy was a great show, I loved it even when it got too cheesy.What I really liked about it was the pacing. There’s a build up to the Big Bad. An insinuation that begins and then ends and all the little threads are snipped and groomed.

Torchwood doesn’t seem to have that ability. There are a lot of baddies in this who are undeveloped and left out in the wind prematurely. I won’t spoil anything, but for myself there are random characters who appear-do something extremely sneaky for two episodes and then burst out with evil in some form of “finality”. But this “finality” is so rushed to me. If there’s an evil villain please tell me why all of a sudden he decides he’d like to unleash a demon on the city-I’m just saying.

Vampires, demons, etc, these obviously insinuated evil beings don’t need a reason because they’re-well-evil, but people with random unexplained alien artifacts who decide to destroy the world need to be explained. I’m sorry I just don’t believe that Maggie Sue who’s human and found a laser gun decided to blow up a nuclear power plant to destroy the world because she just felt like she had to since she happened upon a laser gun. Make her hungry for money or world domination or something understandable!

Just saying.

There are a lot of small things about the show that irk me but everything irks me, my own writing and creations included, so I never take mind of it really besides the major villains and their reason for evil not being explained. And the major villains of season one and season two who ended the show are really the only villains I’m talking about because strangely enough the other villains I believe were pretty well flushed out.

Anyway, Torchwood besides is very driven by the question of morals and the human condition, which brings up a lot of realistic horrors and emotion from encountering aliens. It’s a brilliantly made show in that regard.

Chris Chibnall was the most astounding writer. Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and Adrift were some of the better written episodes. (Although End of Days however was kind of a flop to me).

I’m on the first episode of the third season now and I’m hoping for some great things with its current Season 3 opener. It’s a miniseries apparently called Children of Earth. It was a very interesting opener and I can’t wait to finish and see the next one Miracle Day. 

In all it’s a very exciting show, one of the best to date. Now I’m off to watch more Captain Jack Harkness! I recommend watching this as well.

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THOR Review- Not your average mundane superhero movie…

I love action movies just as much as the next person and when you want action you’ll get it in a superhero movie.

I admit, however, that when I come to see a superhero movie I don’t really expect much as far as writing content. Xmen the first movie had some great dialogue in my opinion and of course the Batman movies (all except the ones with Val Kilmer and the Riddler) were all written well (or at least with entertainment points). But besides those exceptions I do not expect to see any heartwarming aspects. Iron Man was great but truthfully I do not believe that it was written with a story in mind, and by that I mean it was written to have the character make jokes and then make sure the following fighting scenes were admissable.

But Thor is a breath of fresh air.

Besides the hot bod that is Chris Hemsworth (yum) and the geeky cuteness portrayed by Natalie Portman (for all you dudes out there, I keep equality alive in my reviews of attraction) the overall story line

How is this possible???

is very cute and very engaging. The friends of Thor are somewhat typical and without character, but they fit their purpose enough and are overshadowed by the great (in my opinion) acting of Lok i(Tom Hiddleston) and Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

The simple premise of Thor is that the God of Thunder has been stripped of his powers and sent to earth as a human for his arrogance. I don’t want to give too much away but the development of Thor’s character is obvious, especially as he develops a relationship with Natalie Portman’s character and begins to grow, as you would presume, humble. I loved that the villain was not necessarily evil, just misguided, and the overall heartstrings pulled as you grew to love these characters.

So I recommend watching this movie! I give it 8 out of 10.

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What I Hope For in Season 9 Buffy Comics List and Season 8 Reviews

(Some Season 8 Spoilers Ahead)

I reluctantly read Buffy Season 8. I have nothing against it coming in, but I really didn’t like Buffy Season 6 and 7 (mostly the very abusive and overly angsty relationship of Buffy/Spike). But I went with it anyway and I was pleasantly surprised. It had the same Buffyesque feel, the same witty banter and action and it lived up to my expectations immensely. The Xander/Dracula interaction was hilarious.

The Twilight arch however very much disappointed me.

There was too much going on- were they really battling Hindi gods at one point? And they fracked up poor Oz’s home life after he was luckily able to get away from the Buffy team and Willow’s lesbian cheating ways in the first place (well she didn’t technically cheat, but she did lead poor Oz on for a while and make both Oz and Tara feel horrible…don’t judge me, this is as close to a soap opera as I can get).

Some of the artwork is just amazing....

But there was TOO much flying sex during Buffy’s Twilight ascension, it was hilarious bc violent sex seems to be a thumbs up do it again and this time with more dynamite theme in Buffyverse. But after a certain point I was becoming confused about whether I was participating unknowingly in soft porn distribution. I like sex as much as the next guy-or girlie person-but umm against a mountain upside down in the air and in the stratosphere drifting towards the moon seems honestly just like it hurts.


But besides that, the last issue was a realization of the truth of Buffy-her humble, simplistic beginnings. Whedon kills off our dear Giles and we’re left once more in a world that isn’t very nice to our dear Buffy. She struggles to survive both the real world and slaying. She also has a we hate Buffy fan club on her tail, including Willow, after Buffy pretty much smashes magic to pieces.


I think Whedon has experimented enough now and is willing to get right back on the wagon and write Buffy the way we like her-struggling, quirky and above all human. He’s planned to write a lot of the first half of the comics and he also addresses the fact that he overdid the Twilight arch. I agree. The whole idea of Twilight is somewhat confusing and unbelievable.

And for godsake, was no one else hoping that there would be a Buffy and Spike shagathon? Bc I was practically bleeding from the nose hoping for it. Sigh. My Spike never gets the action he deserves. Stupid Buffy.

This is What I Hope for in Season 9 Buffy List:

  1. Spike and Buffy action of a type where he doesn’t get beat up or have to take vamp counseling for vampires abused by the Slayer
  2. Buffy kicking more ass
  3. NO Dawn/Xander, there’s some weird stepbrother dynamic that makes me cringe
  4. Buffy finding a career/interest in life outside of slaying
  5. Evil Willow again. It was hot, continue the evil!
  6. NO ANGEL. He’s so blaaaahhhh
  7. Xander finds a new eye that shoots laser beams like Cyclops but can only be activated once his other eye is closed.
  8. Giles’ resurrection. WTF Whedon, kill off Buffy too why don’t you!
  9. Dr Horrible makes a singing debut as the new villain-actually I want a really bad ass, horribly terrifying villain this time- like the First/Nathan Fillion’s Character with a mix of Soulless Angel evil
  10. Me as a possible writer for it, I have the knowledge to do it, Whedon!! Grant me a chance!

I’m excited about what may be coming. I also might read Dollhouse as well since I loved Alpha, but I’m not sure about that commitment yet. Whedon has been on a roll also hasn’t he? The new Avengers movie, the possible horror movie Cabin in the Woods along with his comic book writing? Dude’s phenomenal, mad respect.

I’m glad there will be less issues over the expanse of two years and that only Joss Whedon and Andrew Chambliss will be writing the issues exclusively. (Supposedly they will be more character specific! and no more musical chairs Buffy across the world.)

Still, despite the changes to come there’s still stuff I’m hoping to see but know may never come. Just curious, what would other people like to see happen in Season 9?

-Keep Reading. Keep Writing. ‘M out.

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Geek News Update: Eisner Nominees

Won't be able to go this so sad

I haven’t had a chance to update like I PLANNED on doing a while back, ahem.

Currently in the way of finishing All Star Superman which I’m going to give a review of once I finish but I have to say so far I’m very pleased with this comic book, considering how much I usually despise the Superman comics. That lead me also to getting a whole bunch of Silver Surfer comics as well (I love Silver Surfer, dude glides through space on a surf board nude and still has clout).

But anyway, Eisner Nominees  announced over at Comic-Con. The Eisner Award is a comic award representing contemporary comic  books and it’s a very good way to see what comic books are being published outside of the mundane Superman & Spiderman fixes. I’m excited to hear about them too because I want to get some new comic books and I like knowing what people like. But anyway, here are the nominees:

  1. Return of the Dapper Men, by writer Jim McCann and artist Janet Lee (published by Archaia) for Best Publication for Teens, Best Graphic Album–New, Best Writer, Best Artist, and Best Publication Design.
  2. Morning Glories by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma (published by Shadowline/Image) – with 4 noms
  3. Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (published by IDW) – with 4 noms
  4. Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys (VIZ Media), John Layman and Rob Guillory’s series Chew(Image), Daniel Clowes’s graphic novel Wilson (Drawn & Quarterly), and Mike Mignola’s Hellboy titles (Dark Horse). – 3 noms

Dark Horse acquired the most nominations with 14 awards.

Check out the rest of the nominations at:

that guy's a creeper though...he looks like it was a right decision to keep him in a separate bubble...

I was intrigued by Return of the Dapper Men because Jim McCann is listed as a new writer (and as expected) I’m always interested in HOW new comic book writers get their start. I myself have just started to try and get my foot in the door and I know there’s a lot I need to learn outside of just writing (although writing obviously is a very big part of the process). He also got into the ABC Daytime Writer Program and wrote for One Life to Live  (so he’s pretty much doing everything I want to do in life…sigh).

I’m definitely going to get Return of the Dapper Men and read it. The summary itself is very intriguing. A strange world where time has stopped and kids “play so much it becomes work” and machines play instead. Dapper men rain from the sky and a boy, a robot girl and a dapper man named 41 have to find out the meaning behind time staying still.

Doesn’t that just sound great? It does, I must admit. I love a good tale that is children-friendly but also complex and interesting enough to hold the attention of silly adults willing to read (Alice in Wonderland, The Phantom Tollbooth). The art work is also whimsically beautiful.

I hope if I continue reading and writing one day I’ll be able to obtain this level of creativity but for now I’ll dream and try and continue.

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Another Favorite Sitcom Moment

Okay-I’ve been saying that phrase instead of correct whole sentences to express like. I think people think I’m stupid now.

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The Name of the Wind- A Brief Review

So I’m considering reading the second installment of the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, which is The Wise Man’s Fear, but I decided perhaps I should give a review of the book before going on to the next one and reviewing that one as well.

So here’s the brief synopsis: The book begins in the present in which Kvothe is trying to hide for some reason unknown to the reader. The Chronicler, being the busybody that he is, is passing through and on the way to his destination realizes that the barkeeper is actually Kvothe who he insinuates has a horrible past he would love to document! Kvothe is reluctant but agrees if the Chronicler agrees not to reveal who he is.

Dude's wearing this shirt, why wouldn't you give his book a chance?

Basically beginning at the beginning Kvothe’s parents are apart of a troupe, which is where Kvothe’s musical talents flourish. His father is trying to compose a song about the mysterious Chandrian who are a mysterious force that causes fire to turn blue. Unfortunately this leads to disaster and Kvothe’s adventure begins here wherein he leaves and becomes a thief, a student and tries to find out more information about the Chandrian.

The title comes from the teacher who taught him during his time at the troupe, Alberth, who uses naming as a way of magic. He used the name of the wind to scare away a bunch of kids earlier in the book and since then Kvothe has been obsessed with knowing the name.

It’s a great book. There were some parts where it bored me (the music aspect I didn’t really have an interest in) but that’s nothing but subjective. I also hate Denna by the way-I dislike romance most of the time in novels unless it’s epic like King Arthur/Genevieve or Buffy/Spike, otherwise I’m not a big  fan of the almost forced input of romance into novels. I don’t believe any of my misgivings are the fault of the book’s storytelling ability, however so I really am interested in the follow up the Wise Man’s Fear.

It’s a nicely written book, it reminded me somewhat of Le Guin’s Earthsea, because of the way it’s structured. I think if you like the whole “journey of a wizard” genre you’ll like The Name of the Wind a lot and maybe you’ll have enough interest to read the next book as well!


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